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What We Do 

The institute accomplishes our mission through coalition building, advocacy, program development and research. We focus on upstream and downstream mechanisms within the causal pathway for various health disparities, with special attention given to the root causes of these social injustices.

Coalition Building 

We build and sustain coalitions who systematically and innovatively reduce health inequities and social injustices within the Central Florida region.

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With this initiative, our goal is to leverage our unified voice to change and create policies on the federal, state, local and organizational levels that impact health inequities and social injustice. 

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Program Development 

Through our coalitions we aim to use cross sectoral collaborations to create innovative and evidence based programs and initiatives that reduce health inequities and social injustices. 

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We utilize research in order to: uncover health disparities and social injustices present within our region; uncover root causes of health disparities and social injustices; and determine and develop evidence based solutions.

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What We Do: What We Do
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